What Participant Says about Brain Gym 101 Course

Year 2011 Classes

I especially liked applying the skills learned straightaway by working with partners to create balancing movements.  The instructor adopts a personal approach and is very knowledgeable.  I loved the snacks, too!

Through self-reflection, I learned that I have more confidence now.  I am better able to change the way I think, feel and act. Brain Gym is more than just music and movements. It involves scientific evidence that proves we can learn (grow and change) through a series of coordinated movements.

– Jeni Nelson
Kindergarten teacher


I learned that I  am able to achieve my goals easily. The movements help me to improve myself.

I am also able to understand brain functions better. Brain Gym has helped me to identify the aspects of life that I can change.

This course is not only about doing exercises for the brain. Most importantly, it helps one to achieve his or her goals in a simple way yet successful way.

Melodie Lim
Secondary school student


I’m calmer and more positive in my outlook now. Brain Gym is a useful course for me as well as others.

Ho Yee Noi
Retired teacher


I noticed much improvement after going through the Brain Gym movements.  I feel I know myself better now. It is an amazing course.

Lo Siew Yung
Senior executive


I learned how to set positive goals and to use Brain Gym in my everyday life. My reading has improved a lot and I am more focused now. This is a good course that can help in many aspects of life.

Secondary school student


We attended the Brain Gym 101 course recently. We practised the Brain Gym movements with our sons three times a day. Within a week, I noticed that my 7-year-old son, who has learning and behavioural challenges, was able to spell all the words correctly in his spelling test at school. He is able to remember his lessons easily, too. He also performs the Brain Gym movements on his own in school whenever he feels down.  He says that he feels better after doing the movements.

Mr and Mrs Thein


Learning how the brain functions is the best part of the Brain Gym course. It is a very good and helpful course.

College student


I enjoy doing the Brain Gym activities. I notice positive changes in me because I feel more relaxed and comfortable after attending the Brain Gym course. This course can really help people.



I gained the knowledge of performing the Brain Gym movements and how to become a better person. I am more comfortable in setting my goals and able to do the activities easily.


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