A day with Dr. Paul Dennison, Founder of Brain Gym International


Wow! Today is a great day. I have a great learning experience with Dr. Paul Dennison, the Founder of Brain Gym International in Petaling Jaya.

Dr. Paul, you are really a remarkable person, sharing with us the heart beat of Brain Gym. I greatly treasured the hand-on experiences we had in going through the 26 movements with you. Thank you for giving me new insight and answering to all my questions so that I could help the children I work with more effectively.

Two things that you said impacted me today :

“When the children play (doing the movement), you can’t see the teacher, because the teacher is playing with them”

“It’s all about love.”

What a privilege to learn together with some other Brain Gym instructors in Malaysia. Sally, Marie Helene, Elizabeth, Thava, Ang Nei and of course, my instructor Mdm Goh Siew Siew. You ladies are so humble, gentle and just great! Your experiences really inspired me. Cecilia and Hasanah, I am sure glad we can move on to be instructors, one day.

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