Sweet Memories

Darlene was delighted that her cousins slept over at our home for two nights during the recent school holidays. It was really fun to watch the kids enjoying themselves and later settling some issues together.

For me, the kids brought me back to my childhood memories. So sweet … and I can still remember so clearly…

… my dad and mom would bring us to the Titiwangsa Park almost every weekend for cycling, games and then later to the nearby shop to eat noodles. I treasured those moments very much.

Darlene enjoyed her time with Gareth and Elysia at the Titiwangsa Park too on Saturday morning. They had great time in learning playing badminton, cycling, sitting on the swing and climbing the steel tanker.

Gareth, Darlene and Elysia at the Steel Tanker. This is Gareth and Darlene favourite spot for the day.

This is Elysia’s favourite – the swing.

Oh yes, we also went to the Air Panas market to have early lunch. Darlene requested ‘chee cheong fun’, though Gareth requested rice, he was alright to eat ‘chee cheong fun’ too. However, Elysia preferred noodles. We waited for a while for Elysia’s noodles to be ready. It was a joy to see them enjoying their food and practice paying for their food too.

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