Learning from the nature

A mentor is not measured by the splash he makes when he enters the water, but rather by the ripples he leaves in his wake.

Amy, Adeline and myself met last Thursday morning at the Marmalade, Bangsar Village II for  brunch and farewell gathering. It was interesting that we could meet and talk about ourselves, our lives and our dreams. Thanks to our pastor’s message to encourage us to gather in 2 or 3 for a time of encouragement and strengthening.

Amy’s  desire to learn about the nature so that she could inspired her kids to love and learn about the nature too really captivated me….

Yes, I felt that in our fast moving world and the ever improving technology that ‘supposedly’ help us to be more effective, has handicapped us, in many ways, from learning, exploring and enjoying the nature. One of the kids’ parent that I work with expressed that her lifestyle was the reason why her children seldom go to the playground. Thoughts to ponder for parents…

I came across an interesting site for kids, teachers and parents. I especially like the read-along audio stories about animals, nature that  help us learn about ourselves and the things that are important to us. Hope you have an enjoyable time listening to the stories with your kids. Do let me know how the stories inspired you and family too. Thank you.

Here is the link again… http://www.linkslearning.org/Kids/2_Reading/2_Audio_Stories/index.html

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