A Developmental Centre for People With Different Abilities

When we only look at behaviour, we stop seeing the child and only look with an intent to judge whether we need to reward or punish, but when we look behind the behaviour, we see that little struggling human, who needs our help with something.

This site is created to introduce Breakthru Enrichment Station and for me and my team to share our experience in aiding children with learning difficulties to breakthrough in their difficulties. I was a kindergarten principal, and focus on practical interventions for special need. I started my teaching since 1999,  and has been working with many children since then, guiding them to learn and building their interest in learning. Teaching is a joy to me especially seeing the child is able to breakthrough in their learning. I am also a licensed Brain Gym International Faculty for Malaysia, a IKC Professional Kinesiologist and a HRDF Trainer as well.

Breakthru Enrichment Station started in January 2010. It is the sequel to our well known BreakthruKids services. We provides breakthrough support through plenty of experiential play, interaction and relationship with our special needs children.Our programs are carefully planned for these children who encounter learning difficulty or behavioural problems ranging from integration sensory problem, ADHD, Autistic, Down syndrome, Dyspraxia to Dyslexia.Currently, we have 2 groups of children for our daily programme. First group is mainly for children age 8 and below who require foundational skills development to prepare them for learning or mainstream education.We hope with this expansion we could serve more families with children with special needs in a greater way, with bigger space, more facilities and more special need educators!

With the setting up of Breakthru Academy in 2014 by the same group of enthusiastic founders, we are now also on a mission to develop more special needs educators in this country, at the same time, provide valuable coaching to parents with children with different abilities at home.