Book an Appointment

Steps (scroll down)
Find a suitable time and book your appointment online. Our facilitator will review and reply to your booking via email.


Only basic information like your contacts and child’s age, gender and school is required for making an appointment.
Book A Date
Upon booking of the appointment date and time, our officer will arrange for the meeting and send you a P.L.A.Y Form to fill up prior to coming to centre.


Please give us 24 hours to response.


Filling up this form can save time and provide crucial information during assessment, it also contain the necessary reminder on items to bring along.
Await for Confirmation Email
Come on your booking date. Our facilitator will meet you and do an early assessment for your child.


Remember to bring your dully filled P.L.A.Y Formbalong.


Facilitator will share the result of the assessment to you and advise the appropriate level for the child to join.
Bring Your Child for Appointment
Once you decided to start your child with our program, you will join a valuable Parents Coaching Class to learn the essential skills to help your child and the principles behind our therapeutic activities.


Your child’s fee will depend on the level determined during the assessment, and choice of activities you sign-up for him.
Attend Parents Coaching Class

If you can’t find an appointment date, give us a call at +603-4149 7977 or e-mail us at bestcentre@hotmail.com and indicate your preferred date and time.