Behavioural Experience

Journal – 14 Jan

One of our kids in the centre came crying. After enquiring what was happening, the boy was upset because some else press on the lift button. He refuse to go into the centre. His dad brought him to the ground floor and allow him to press the lift button again, he was settled and willing to enter the centre door. Later he snatched a toy from his peer and refuse to say sorry. I led him to a quiet room and allow him to have some space. I explain to him the situation and consequences of his action. This time, he settled down quickly and willing to apologise for his snatching behaviour.

What I learn – It is important to stay calm in dealing with behaviour situation. Allow time and space for a child with behavioural issue to cool down. In doing so, he would be able to choose and be responsible for his behaviour more willingly.

Acquired her sense of responsibility

Journal – 13 Jan

An 11 years old ADHD boy (CY) commented “I remembered Thursday is free play. I liked today the best!”

The children were so happy that they were encouraged to bring any of the play materials and invite friends to play along for an hour.

(Child can be creative during unstructured play session)

I noticed our 9 years old Autistic girl (CQ) responded very well with this free play session. She took out a box of threading boards and started threading. Later, she went over and played with another friends on the ‘Thumbling Monkeys’. When she was asked to keep her previous threading board, she did it immediately and then returned to her monkey’s game. Wow, it’s amazing to witness that CQ has acquired her sense of responsibility.