Educational Kinesiology Symposium 2014 (28 March) 肌动学与特殊孩童学能发展研讨会

A Focus on Developmental Strategies for People With Special Needs.

Breakthru Enrichment Station organized the first Educational Kinesiology Symposium in Malaysia, with the objective of bringing awareness of various educational strategies, methods, tools and testimonies in assisting special needs people/children’s development and growth.


This is a one day event, and there were a total of 12 speakers from local and overseas presented their efforts and knowledge in this event. We would like to show our greatest appreciation to these speakers, MC and translators in supporting this event (yup it’s an English/Mandarin event)!

Registration begins at 8.00am, thank you everyone for arriving early. Elaine and her team did a great job in registering and giving away welcome notes to participants.


Some of the book that are on sale. If you wish to buy them, please email us for a book list.


The children from Breakthru Enrichment Station volunteered to perform a lively dance to welcome our guest. Some of these children have special needs but they all enjoy the performance. The dance that they presented was “Mocha – by the Minions of Despicable Me 2”.


Our MC for the day, Ms Prema (in English) and Ms Liew (in Mandarin). This is a bi-lingual event.


In our welcoming speech, Ms Phoebe (right), and her translator Ms Wan Ching. She highlighted the importance of Active Parenting in supporting their special needs children’s development and what Educational Kinesiology can help them to be more pro-active in such role.


Our key-note speaker, Ms Moira Dempsey (right), is from Australia, and her translator Ms Phoebe (in Mandarin). It was an important lesson to learn about challenges a child face in his/her development.



Our special adress speaker Ms Ngiam Lian Ai (right), and her translator (in Mandarin). She stressed in the importance of putting the right focus on skill appropriate training (including fine-motor development through edu-kinesiology and movement based learning) instead of over emphasis on academic development, and shared some of her success stories. The refreshments for this event are all prepared by the special needs children trained from Breakthru Enrichment Station.


Ms Prema introduces Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) and their various movements to integrate the many reflexes we had in our body.


Mr Victor Wong of Hong Kong explains about ADHD and how he deal with his clients with such challenge.


Ms Candy of Hong Kong (lady holding the batik souvenir, presented by Cassandra in red) shows us how to do Double Doodle (an Edu-K Movement) with music. Children and adults enjoyed doing their double doodle activities, and were most impressed with the fun it brings too!


Mr Dennis Ho (right) and his team (Mr Dennis & Ms Candy) did a great job demonstrating the Meridian Dance, and everyone just loves doing the dance! It is an easy and fun way to remember the primary meridian movements used in Touch for Health™. Lets have the music!


Ms Cynthia Teo of Singapore (right) shared the usefulness of Essential Oils in helping ourselves and our children. These clinical grade essential oils are greatly effective and we use it widely in our centre to help our children (and trainers too!). Email us ( for your purchasing needs, or to learn more about these oils you may visit Young Living website.

Lunch is served!

Ms Siew Lee explains about how do we observe our brain waves using tools from NeuroSky® for the purpose of knowing and training our state of mind. The headset scans your brain wave and can show, in terms of your ability to focus or calm down, the difference before and after doing your Brain Gym® balances, especially useful when you work on your focus or centering dimension balances. Email us ( if you wish to know more.


Ms Marie Helene shared her experience with bringing up her teenage child that has special challenges. Many great advise was shared, and also how she uses Edu-K in the process. A very valuable session for many parents, as Marie is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer cum mother.

Mr Chong and Ms Sook Fern hosted the young kids parent group discussion session and shared their experience in bringing up their own special need children. Many touching stories were shared, and the importance of personal involvement (and sacrifices) in parenting cannot be stressed any lesser. But we are glad there are more methods to help us nowadays. Its up to the parents now to pick them up!


Ms Claire Ang talks about learning can be fun using Educational Kinesiology! She gain her first hand insight of this topic from her profession as an Educational Psychologist, and very much encourage everyone to try so. Her PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded here soon.

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Many thanks to all speakers and those who participated in the forum. Our forum moderator, Mr Moses Wong, led us through a one hour of Q&A and highlighted some key questions to discuss about.

Thank You and we appreciate all your feedbacks. See You Again Next Year!

Not forgetting those who worked hard in making this event a successful one, these are some of their photos, and the organizer truly appreciates their contribution and invites all participants together to say thank you to these workers!

合情理人際關係工作坊 (REBT) Workshop – 10 June 2014






美國家庭服務協會(Family Service of America)對家庭的定義是「家庭是提供它的成員間情緒、身體及經濟的互相扶持。理想上,這種家庭的特質是它的成員間有著親密、深度、連續及許諾的關係」。因此家庭不僅是人與人的的組合,同時是提供情緒的支持與安全感的場所。健康的家庭有至少六個特質:默契與許諾、讚美、相聚、良好的溝通模式、精神上的福祉,及應付危機與壓力的能力。健康的家庭並不是沒有壓力或問題,但是他們能面對困難、在危機中學習處理並與家人一齊成長。因此健康的家庭被稱為「壓力管理有效家庭」。人際互動過程中,彼此的差異是難免的。如能做適當處理,往往能促成家庭中份子或家庭系統的良性轉變,而帶來正面的後果,甚至還可能增加家庭份子的凝聚力及關係的成長。但是如果不去面對或處理不當,衝突及彼此的差異則可能帶給家庭人際關係冷漠、失望,甚至引起家中成員彼此間的傷害。我們對事實的想法、期待與情緒是相互影響的。情緒或反應行為是深受自己對事與人的解釋的影響。我們往往以自己獨特的習慣來瞭解事實並且做解釋。連續思考的結果造成了情緒的起伏。我們對事情的解釋習慣和人應該如何的期待深受我們原生家庭的影響。從小經過自己我們的教導及親身經驗,我們對事情應該如何有固定的想法。這些想法有些是對人與人關係有幫助的,但是有些卻造成我們其實並不喜歡可是又無法控制的自然反應破壞了我們最重視的人際關係。












  • 理性情緒行為治療諮商方法REBT國際唯一訓練中心,艾理斯理情學院(Albert Ellis Institute)的Associate Fellow.
  • REBT 理性情緒行為治療法創始人亞伯、艾理斯Albert Ellis直接授業弟子
  • 獲艾理斯理情學院頒發之理性情緒行為心理治療法治療師證書
  • 獲艾理斯理情學院頒發之理性情緒行為治療法國際督導師證書
  • 目前為第一屆華人心理諮詢師協會理事
  • 台灣各社會福利機構顧問、訓練講師及個案督導師





  • 東海大學學生事務長
  • 東海大學社會工作系系主任
  • 東海大學學生諮商中心主任
  • 東海大學幸福家庭研究推廣中心主任
  • 台中市生命線主任(自殺防制熱線)
  • 研究與訓練重心
  • 情緒研究與情緒管理
  • 認知情緒行為心理學
  • 人類行為與社會環境
  • 親子關係
  • 婚姻關係問題處理與重整
  • 中國人的理與情 


合理情緒行为治疗法 (簡称为REBT)

「合理情緒行為治療法」(簡稱為REBT)是由艾裏斯(ALBERT ELLIS) 所創立的治療方法。REBT的創始人艾裏斯認為人都有其獨特的思想傾向,或扭曲或合理,都十分固執固定。人的行為及情緒無不受自己認知習慣的影響。我們會持續固定保持一些不利自己的想法或無效的問題解決方法及行為反應造成困境。因此我們若要改變行為及情緒必須要先認識自己對事實解釋的傾向去除自我設限的認知習慣。因此合理情緒行為治療重點在於引導案主注意自己已成習慣的思考習慣及信念、提出邏輯實驗性的思考型態與案主討論,並配合注重教育功能之家庭作業,來對當事人思考傾向提出挑戰、並且協助案主做認知解釋的合理轉換進而改變其習慣性行為反應恢復面對人生難題及解決問題的能力的治療諮商方法。



理性情緒行為治療法的創始人:亞伯艾理斯 Albert Ellis

理性情緒行為治療法REBT 是臨床心理學家艾裏斯於1955年所建立的心理治療學派.亞伯、艾裏斯與卡爾、羅吉斯、佛洛依德、艾克理森及其他的學派創始人齊名被譽為最具影響力的心理治療大師。




亞伯艾理斯Albert Ellis與武自珍教授

武自珍教授是台灣及中國合格的諮商心理師暨高級心理諮詢師是直接接受REBT創始人亞伯艾理斯Albert Ellis訓練及督導的徒弟。先後獲得REBT心理治療師及REBT國際督導師證書。為亞洲僅有少數的REBT 合格督導師也是世界極少數會說華語的訓練講師。亞伯艾理斯曾於一九九七年接受武自珍教授的邀請到台灣做十天的演講與工作坊,由武自珍教授擔任協同講師。







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Breakthru Enrichment Station
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Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia





(4 月 10 日 2014 前报名省RM50)


夫妻 (双人):RM400

学生 (每五人组):RM600




03- 2858 7977

Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《武自珍-台湾东海大学副教授》

你听过一个新名词 “直升机父母”吗?这是什么意思?是称赞21世纪的父母效率高超吗?“直升机父母”是说,今天的父母时时刻刻在孩子的上空盘旋,一看到孩子碰到难题,还在设法找答案的时候,父母就“紧急降落”,出手把困难解决了。




作父母的忧心孩子 “学得不够”,但是研究发现:最大的危机是——知识不等于智慧。

Read more “Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《武自珍-台湾东海大学副教授》”

[Public Talk] Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《讲座会》

Modern Super Parents “manages” their child’s future and up-bringing as professional as a career. This creates super high expectation on themselves, and also on their child… Welcome to this special evening talk by Asst Professor Jane Wu from Taiwan.



[Invitation] A Special Evening with Wang Mama at SEA Park Chinese Baptist Church PJ

She is from Taiwan, and everyone calls her Wang Mama. She is the founder of Bao Bei Class, a creative inclusive education class for special needs children in Taiwan, and the author of <万中選一的祝福> and <天使歌手>. In this talk, she will be sharing her life challenges in bringing up her own special need daughter, how she overcomes it  with love, strong believes, and perseverance. Her daughter is now a living testimony and must be met by all parents with special need child!  This evening talk will be in Mandarin.

We are having this event at SEA Park Chinese Baptist Church. Please help to spread the word around, especially to Mandarin speaking families!