Parent-Child Early Intervention Class (Now Breakthru Saturday)



(Parent and child learning breakthrough session)

Every Thursdays, 2.30pm-4.30pm

Today is the 1st day of the Parent Child Intervention Class. 4 parents brought along their children to the class. We have 2 families that has attended at least 9 sessions last year while 2 families came for the 1st time.

It’s amazing how our parents who have attended the sessions before are more confident and positive towards training their children. The other 2 new parents displayed similar anxiety of the 2 of the existing mothers on their 1st session with us. Parents learnt skull tapping and rhythmic movement and apply the techniques on each other. We noticed that one of the parents had difficulties in following the rhythm and sequence of tapping the correct position. The parents shared and encouraged one another.

It was a beautiful sight to see parents supporting and encouraging one another.

(Parents and child warming-up prior to therapy session)

Today, the children experienced a safe and playful environment. Our desire is that with the environment, children of different challenges enjoy playing with each other just like any normal children.

We will have this session on every Thursday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Our consultants will help each family and provide parents with intervention techniques  so that they can apply to their own child. Prior booking is required. You may find our contacts at the bottom of this page.


Parent-Child Early Intervention Class is now being converted into Breakthru Saturday with a new format and more great activities.


Parental involvement in raising positive, self confident and responsible children

Children are valuable resources for the country. The children of today are leaders of tomorrow. Raising positive, self-confident and responsible children is like planting seeds in a garden. Parents are like gardeners because the journey of parenthood is like sowing seeds of love, nurturing them and believing that the seeds will grow to be a healthy, responsible and self-confident person. The parental role of loving participation in their children’s developmental milestones is the most important time in the children’s brain development. Parents’ involvement is so vital in building the character and values of their children. A safe, positive and loving environment contributes greatly to the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of children.

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