Brain Gym Day at BLC – A Public Awareness Talk


Brain Gym: Alternative Support in Enhancing Learning and Self Esteem

What is Brain Gym?
Government agencies are sending people to learn about it.
How can it help me in my studies and my work?
What can help my special need child?

If you wish to know more about it, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this awareness talk. Only one day at BLC on the 26th of June, 2011.

Who should attend: Open to public. Parents, teachers, professionals and those who work with children in NGOs. School going children are encouraged to come together with parents!

In this special 3 hour event, participants will learn and understand

  1. How the brain develops,
  2. Factors that cause brain under stress,
  3. How to apply Brain Gym® movements to enhance
    and self esteem of the children / students.

Participants shall experience a Brain Gym ® Balance called “5 Steps Learning Process” during the workshop.

Administrative Details

Speaker: Phoebe Long, Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

Date : 26 June 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue : Bangsar Lutheran Church

Administrative fees :
RM40 per participant
RM70 per family
RM20 per NGO participant / Children ministries workers

Light refreshments will be served. Net fees collected will be contributed to BLC (Bangsar Lutheran Church)’s building fund.

Please register online ASAP to facilitate administration and amount of refreshments:



Map to BLC (a white bungalow):

April 2011 Brain Gym Course Available

Since the 1980s, the field of Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K)- the study of movement and its relationship to learning – has touched people of all ages and cultures. It demonstrates that, when the neuropathways for movement are fired, they activate and connect the whole brain in the synergistic way necessary for growth and change.

In the spirit of true education, we in Edu-K do our best to accept ourselves as individuals with unique challenges and great potential. We seek to meet ourselves where we are, honour that place, and stay open to learning at our own pace, for our own intrinsic worth. As a participant / student of Brain Gym (R) courses, you will now have a perpetual opportunity to move through the rich landscape of your own sensory integration. As you rediscover the physical skills involved in your personal/child/students’ learning process, you’ll realise how each one of us is engaged in lifelong odyssey of growth.

Brain Gym Lazy 8

We are pleased to inform you that our next Brain Gym courses have been scheduled commencing 2 April 2011. Summary of the training are as follows:

2, 3, 9 & 10 April 2011  – Brain Gym Workshop (English)

from 9am-6.30pm on 2nd and 9th April (Saturdays) and
from 2pm-7pm on 3rd and 11th April (Sundays)

Each class is limited to 12 participants only. The next BG101 course will have to wait until June 2011. We look forward to your participation.

Please email all completed registration forms to or call 012-3292681 for further enquires.

Brain Gym® for Parents, Child and Trainers



How can I experience
Brain Gym ® ?

You can experience Brain Gym in private sessions with a licensed Brain Gym ® practitioner, or in classes such as the introductory Brain Gym ® 101 course.

You will find Brain Gym ® 101 course to be a movement-based educational experience centered around 26 simple activities that recall the movements children naturally do during their first years of life as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and whole body.

No matter what challenges you or children may face, this course will help you to awaken your natural abilities, freeing you to move, learn, grow and succeed as well as to support your children’s learning process.

You’ll find the content of this course to be immediately valuable not only to yourself but to the friends, colleagues, and family members you may share it with.

Brain Gym International website



Who can benefit from


Parents!   Teachers! Teenagers!
Athletes!  Professionals!

Take charge of your learning, parenting and working style! Learn specific hands-on movements and balances that will:

*Promotes efficient communication,

*Increases in creativity,

*Alleviates stress

*Enhances performance in study, work, sports etc.

*Brings more ease and joy in your teaching your children / students, including those with behavioural or learning difficulties.

Find out more about:



What will I learn ?

This 24-hour course introduces you to using Brain Gym to benefit yourself and others. You will learn how to draw out potential in all areas of life by using powerful Brain Gym tools, including :

4 Steps to Get Ready – This four minute Brain Gym warm-up helps you feel focused, relaxed and ready to begin any new task or challenge.

26 Specific Movement Activities – Quick, simple physical movements that enhance specific skills, such as memory, math reading, writing and communication, while improving creativity, energy levels, athletic performance, and school and business success.

The 5-Step Balance – this process targets a goal of your choice. You will learn how to select and do the Brain Gym activities that best support achieving the goal.

2 Re-patterning Sequences – Dennison Laterality Re-patterning and Three Dimension Re-patterning “remind” different areas of your brain to work together synergistically. They are specially useful for improving focus, participation, and organization, and for the greater case in everyday tasks and physical activities.

Event held in:


Date and Time:

Check out our online registration for list of upcoming classes and register online:



Breakthru Enrichment Station
70-2, 2nd Floor, Block H, Platinum Walk, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-3292681
Email :


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Brain Gym BG101 Fees :

One participant: RM1,100

Review student: RM550

Couple fees: RM1,800 (for 2)
Applicable for parents and /or care giver, 1 set of BG101 manual & ‘Brain Gym and Me’ book will be provided only.

** Full payment Early Bird discount RM100 – 4 weeks before course commence is applicable to all the fee types above.

3+1 Special Group Early Bird:
Applicable for registration of 3 participants – RM3,200 and the 4th participant FREE.

Fees inclusive of  BG101 manual, International Certificate and light refreshments.

Phoebe Long

Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant

International Registered
Touch for Health™ Instructor

Phoebe and Dr. Paul Dennison, the Founder of Brain Gym International

She has the privilege of hands-on learning and experiencing Brain Gym with Dr. Paul Dennison (Founder of Brain Gym International), Dr. Carla Hannaford (Author of various books i.e. Smart Moves, The Dominance Factor, Awakening the Child Heart and Playing in the Unified Field), Cecilia Koester (Author of Interfacing Brain Gym with Children who have Special Needs)  and many other dedicated and passionate instructors.

Brain Gym® is a program of easy physical movements that synchronize body and mind to optimize how we learn and perform in all areas of our lives at…

School.. Arts.. Athletics.. Social skills..

The movements are easy to do and enjoyable for adults, children, and seniors, and they bring about rapid and lasting changes in fundamental abilities, including : focus, organization, comprehension, physical coordination, social and communication skills, memory, attentiveness, and more.

“Brain Gym began as breakthrough for overcoming learning disabilities, but soon expanded into a program for drawing out potential at every level of skill and achievement.”

When Dr. Peter Cox, former U.S. Fencing Team gold medallist, was preparing for the Olympics, his training schedule included Brain Gym. “I was amazed at the results,” he wrote, “and so were my opponents.”

In the 1970s, educational therapist Paul E. Dennison, PhD, began drawing from and building on this knowledge to create a group of movement that, with the eventual collaboration of his wife and partner, Gail E. Dennison, would become the Brain Gym movements and the cornerstone of the field of Educational Kinesiology (“enhanced learning through movement”).

“What is particularly noteworthy about the Brain Gym results is that the changes are rapid, far-reaching, and lasting… Within a year, a surprising number of those students were transferred into classes for gifted students.”

said Svetlana Masgutova, PhD, a psychologist in Russia, used Brain Gym with ‘learning disabled’ high school students who had been placed in remedial classes.

Developmental experts have known for more than 80 years that physical movement activates the brain and enhances learning

These early versions of the Brain Gym movements achieved their first success in California’s Valley Remedial Group learning centres. There they enabled many children and adults who had been identified as “dyslexic,” “ADD,” “hyperactive,” or “learning disabled” to discover and develop their true potential. Subsequent studies published in North America, Germany, Australia and elsewhere confirmed that the Brain Gym movements produced measurable gains in physical skills, learning skills, and academic performances.