Preparing for Best Cafe 2016

This Saturday, May 14th 2016, Breakthru Enrichment Station (BEST) will be having this year’s installation of BEST CAFÉ. BEST Café is held once a year to support our children and help them in achieving their different dreams and goals in life. It also helps to inspire and enlighten them as they are able to serve their family members and friend, thus gaining more confidence in their everyday life.

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Proceeds from this special entrepreneurship project will also help in raising funds to better equip the centre’s F&B Kitchen. This is where our children learn how to cook and be independent in the kitchen, a much needed skill for self-survival and independence.

What to expect on that day:

Come along with your stomachs empty and your hearts full! Be prepared to sample some of the delicious treats that the children have worked very hard to prepare for you! There will be plenty of fun and games as well around the area for you and your children to participate in. Some examples of the games available that day are Seafishing, a game where you have to try and hook the items in a large basin full of water and Rainbowling, where players will be asked to roll a ball to knock down all the pins!

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Friends, family and guests will also get to sample some culinary delights during that day! These are all lovingly prepared and cooked for you by the children and they will be your lovely waiters and waitresses for the day! Below are the food options available:


1. Chicken Chop Set

Grilled marinated chicken with herbs, parsley, basil, olive oil and topped with mushroom sauce. Served together with vegetable salad, potato salad, mushroom soup and a Ribena Lemon.

2. Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken

Fragrance rice with fresh coconut milk, homemade sambal and rendang chicken.

3. Potato Salad

A healthy side dish that consists of potatoes, tuna, red onion and mayonnaise.

4. Chicken Pie

Savoury pie with chicken, egg, potato and mushroom filling. *this is a hot selling item and the chef’s favourite

5. Waffles with Strawberry Jam

All purpose flour, low fat UHT milk, corn oil, eggs and topped with Strawberry Jam.

6. Waffles with Peanut Butter Jam

All purpose flour, low fat UHT milk, corn oil, eggs and topped with Peanut Butter.

There will also be Ribena Lemon and Chilled Mineral Water for sale on the day.

In addition to all the awesome food and amazing games, there will also be very interesting free talks available throughout the day  and will be held in the music room at BEST. The schedule is as below:

1. 10.30 am – 10.50 am: P.L.A.Y策略简介”。  by David Mah (以中文分享)

2. 11.00 am – 11.20 am: Understanding Your Child’s Challenges by Christina Ho (conducted in English)

3. 11.30 am – 12.00 pm: Latest P.L.A.Y Strategies for Stress Management by Phoebe Long (conducted in English and Mandarin)

4. 12.10 pm – 12.30 pm: Doodle Doodle Play: A Window to Whole Brain Vision by Cheng Y.C. (conducted in English)

5. 12.40 pm to 1.00 pm: Switch On Your Brain With Simple Touch For Health (TFH) Technique by Chong W.M. (conducted in English)

6. 1.15 pm to 1.45 pm: Introduction to Essential Oils by Phoebe Long (conducted in English)

7. 2.00 pm to 2.20 pm: 您的孩子预备好去上学了吗? by Foo Wan Ching (以中文分享 .)

Last but certainly not least, we have also set up a flea market with amazing little gifts that you can buy for your kids.


Coupons will be needed on the day in order to purchase the food and drinks available. Coupons will be available for sale on the day and the café will be opened from 10 am to 3 pm! We’ll be seeing you all there!

BESTCafé 2014 all set to go!

Come and join us on 17 May 2014, BESTCafé starts from 10.00am – 3.00pm, only for 1 day. Its best to come earlier than 12pm so that you can avoid the peak lunch time, and take your time to enjoy the food.

Our children has been practicing hard on serving and PREPARING the food, and they are truly enjoying it.

We ensure the quality of the food are of the best quality and standard, rival many well known restaurants in town.

Check out the food here!

BESTCafe Crew 1
Our Delivery Crew – The SPIDERMAN team, in green!

BESTCafe Crew 2
Our Kitchen Crew – The MASTER CHEF team, with hats.

BESTCafe Crew 8
Our Service Crew – The CAPTIAN AMERICA team, in red!

BESTCafe Crew 3

BESTCafe Crew 4


BESTCafe Crew 5


BESTCafe Crew 6
First Time Washing Chicken…

BESTCafe Crew 7
Blending onions and garlic for grill chicken.

Do come and support our fund raising project, coupons can be purchase online here…

Educational Kinesiology Symposium 2014 for Special Needs

28 March 2014, 9-5pm.

由言语治疗师, 物理治疗师, 药剂师, 儿童心理学家,有特殊孩子的家长,韵律动学导师,  触动学导师, 健脑操导师及顾问来研讨 如何有效的帮助特殊需求人士及孩童们的身心发展。(现场华语翻译)

Speakers from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia came together for a focused discussion from the perspectives of Speech Therapist Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Child Psychologist, Parents who have special needs adults, Rhythmic Movement Training International Instructor & Provider, Touch for Health® Instructor, Brain Gym® Instructor & Consultant on how to effectively support the development of people and children with special needs.

This Event has ended. You may view the event’s photos here.





This Event has ended. You may view the event’s photos here.





















registeronline.pngMap and Directions | Register Online Here

Community talk at Tadika Jelita Ria Graduation Day, Perak

The date is 20 Oct 2012.

We were invited to give a talk on children brain development. Our consultant, Ms Liew explained about primitive reflexes and rhythmic movement trainings to a good crowd of parents!

RMT Sharing

RMT Sharing by Pin Yuen

We had our Ms Elaine Lim demonstrating what is Fear Paralysis Reflex to the crowd.

FPR Demo


Live demonstration by a volunteer child.


Thank you principal Ms Boon Yee for inviting us!

Essential Oils Proper Use – FREE Public Workshop (6-Oct, Sat.)

Essential Oils have been known for centuries for their uplifting, calming, immune boosting and healing qualities. Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria and other harmful organism? How Essential Oils can help you to relax and release tension, improve your memory and concentration? There are countless ways how to use Essential Oils, regardless if you diffuse them, apply topically or take them internally.

Don’t know where to start and what to use? Join our hand on workshop on Saturday, 6 October, 7.30pm at BEST Centre (Breakthru Enrichment Station), where you get to experience the Essential Oils personally. It is free, and everyone is welcome!

About the Instructor
Cynthia Teo is a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Touch for Health instructor and has taken the CARE training through the Centre of Aromatherapy and Education in the USA, including Applied Vitaflex, and Raindrop Therapy Training, and Vibrational Raindrop Therapy Training. She is also a master NLP practitioner and has training in Bowen technique and  Emmett technique.

She is also a Certified International Brain Gym Instructor.

She is very passionate about the usage of the Essential Oils as she has experiences the effects first hand.

Please call Phoebe Long – 012 329 2681 to register your attendance now!

Testimonials on the use of young living essential oils:

Stiffness In Neck Muscles…
“I received a Vibrational Raindrop Therapy yesterday from Cynthia Teo I am constantly amazed at how my body could orient to health and make the necessary subtle shifts and changes to a state of balance. Waking up this morning my muscles are very relaxed. The stiffness in my neck muscles is gone. My spine feels very flexible. Thanks Cynthia Teo.”- Adida Shahab, Singapore, via facebook

Asperger Son…
‘………..As a matter of fact, I have been wanting to call you to give feedback on the oil.  Thank god, I see improvement in my Asperger son who is 12 years old. I applied both Valor and Thieves on him on last Friday night. Guess what 2 things happened. Firstly, my son actually cried on Sunday morning. Tears really rolled down his cheek and he has never cried for the past years…..I let him cried as much and after that he was fine and played lego.’ – a parent of a learning challenged child, Singapore.

Eye Infection…
‘Frankincense is my absolute favorite and it was the first oil I got to know when I first come across Young Living in 2007. it healed my eye infection over a couple of days. Put two to three drops in your palm and cup your palms over your eyes (dont touch the eyes), the fume will go into your eyes and it may tear abit, but its great for any eye infection. This is how I became convinced of the oils.’ – Claudia Hofmaier, Singapore

Ear Infection…
‘Used diluted purification on the back sides of my 4 month old sons ears during an ear infection and it was gone in less than 8 hours. Such a life saver!!’- Shannon Dennis, USA

“My mum is on insulin jab twice a day because of diabetes. Despite the jab and oral med, her blood sugar remains at 11-12. Since july,Upon claudia’s recommendation, she begin to put 1 drop of Ocotea under Hee tongue 3 times a day. Within 3 weeks, her blood sugar went down to the range of 7-8. She is also taking 30 ml Ningxia red everyday 🙂 Now she is a EO convert. “ 🙂 – Cynthia, Singapore

How to Tell Children Stories using “Godly Play®” Method

Saturday, 10 November 2012 • 9am to 5pm  (a community project by BEST)

David Pritchard

Participants can experience key elements of the Godly Play approach (including one or two stories), see a carefully laid out children’s sacred space and explore many of the resources. The group size is small, so ideal for asking all your questions. You can book as an individual or bring your group.

Workshop for parents, children’s or youth workers, school teachers, sunday school teachers, pastors, and anyone who loves children .…

Where : Bangsar Lutheran Church, 23, Jalan Abdullah, off Jalan Bangsar, KLSaturday 10 November 2012 9 am – 5 pm

Facilitator: Mr. David Pritchard (Children’s Ministry Coordinator with Scripture Union Spain & certified Godly Play teacher trainer)

Fees: RM60 per person, Group of 3 persons and above RM40 each. (payment on registration) • Includes registration, handouts, tea & lunch meal.

Other info: Participants should wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to sit on the floor during sessions… although chairs will be provided for those you may have difficulties with this!

Organized by: Breakthru Enrichment Station (a community project)
and supported by: Bangsar Lutheran Church. Courses have been enriched by a broad mix of Christian denominations

Reservation: Due to lunch preparation for the workshop, we require prior booking • Email/SMS or call Cheng Yu Chiet / mobile phone 019-2288869 or 012-3292681.

What is Godly Play® Method?

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach of story telling. It can be used in a variety of settings churches, schools, hospitals, care homes for the elderly

  • Godly Play is based on long established, tried and tested approaches
  • Godly Play uses symbols and objects as well as words
  • Godly Play values process, openness and discovery
  • Godly Play encourages people to make meaning for themselves

A Godly Play® session includes a time to:-

  • get ready
  • tell a story using objects and artefacts
  • explore the story more with open questions and discussion
  • respond with a free choice using  a variety of materials – art… silence… play…writing…
  • enjoy a simple feast and sharing

Imagine someone who….

  • creates a space to think big
  • learns as well as teaches
  • doesn’t always know the answer
  • builds a community
  • enables children to make connections
  • is open to the unexpected
  • slows down the pace
  • provides the tools then stands back

Imagine an approach to Christian nurture and education that

  • promotes knowledge, skills empathy, spiritual growth
  • develops the needs of the whole child
  • provides a multi-sensory approach  to learning
  • develops language and communication skills
  • develops thinking skills
  • provides depth and reflection in every session

Godly Play® can help you see and do things differently


Comments from Training Sessions

“It was a safe comfortable atmosphere in which to explore”

“We learned so much from each other”

“Excellent material and method conveyed by resourceful experienced trainers in a ‘hands on’ experiential manner”

“There was a really good balance between informality and direction”

“It was great fun”

Teaching with language

As Godly Play has been developing over many years (since the 1970s), it has been possible to discern how particular forms of words are best able to help tell the essence of each story presentation. There are well-tested scripts for stories told in Godly Play style that say only what has to be said, and do so in a way that children seem to absorb the language into their own ‘play’ and in the case of older children, into their spoken and written prayer. The emphasis is on simplicity, getting to the essence of the story rather than ‘exciting’ elaboration.

Teaching with people and with respect

In Godly Play there are usually 2 (but no more) adults present. Each has a carefully distinguished role. The ‘story-teller’ leads group time, tells story and focuses on the presentation of God’s word – and as such is more ‘spiritually’ engaged. The ‘door-person’ helps in more practical ways like an usher or deacon assistant. The door-person also may sit to one side with any child who is finding it really hard to focus in the group – i.e. deals with the behavior issues in a way that tries not to disrupt the rest of the group wherever possible.

A key element in the Storyteller’s role is to lead the ‘wondering’ period in response to the story or presentation. Key wondering questions are:

I wonder what you like best about this story
I wonder which is the most important part?
I wonder where you are in this story?
I wonder if there is any part we could leave out, and still have all the story we need?

Godly Play® in Schools

The National Society instigated a project, funded by St Christopher’s Trust, to enable teachers from a group of community and church primary schools to explore the Godly Play approach through controlled, classroom based research. This project, along with other training opportunities across the UK has led to a surge of interest in the use of Godly Play in schools and early years settings.

Godly Play at School 2_thumb[4]Teachers who are using Godly Play in the classroom have found that the approach offers them alternative ways of approaching religious education and spiritual development and challenges long held views about the process
of teaching and learning. Godly Play in schools challenges the ‘empty vessel’ model of education. The teacher must be prepared to learn with the children as well as teach them.

Godly Play at School 1_thumb[1]The teacher must be open to the unexpected . In today’s classroom there is a climate of pace and rigour. The Godly Play approach slows down the pace of delivery, but this doesn’t mean that the rate of learning is slow. In today’s world, when so much of a child’s time and how they use it is prescribed, the time in a Godly Play session, set aside for reflection and response, creates a safe space where children can explore their ideas more deeply and make meaning for themselves. It allows them to think ‘big’ .In the current educational climate with its emphasis on the development of social and emotional aspects of learning, the Godly Play approach enables teachers to ‘build a community’ within the classroom, a community where children are free to wonder, explore possibilities and learn more about themselves in relation to others.

Rosemary Privett
Accredited Godly Play teacher

Register up here:
[SINGLEEVENT single_event_id=how-to-tell-stories-using-godly-play%c2%ae-method-1-505aad6b0df44]

Charity Sales for Breakthru Enrichment Station by ROX/STA

This coming Saturday (26 May 2012) is going to be exciting! A special charity sales will be held at Jungwon Korean Restaurant by ROX/STA and we are bring our children to do some singings!



It is the 4th Anniversary of ROX/STA and they will generously contribute much proceedings of the day to support our less privileged children and parents.

These are some of the clothing they carry. Visit their facebook page for more here:


Come and check out 3 Luggage Full of PRE-LOVED, gorgeous clothing–still in PRETTY and Good Condition. Bonus: Some are even brand new! Prices start as low as RM5. There are also gorgeous accessories, books and bags on sale too!






Our BEST children are also busy preparing cupcakes and painting for sales too.




So come and have a Korean lunch, and visit our sales! You may be able to buy some paintings back too.  Everyone is welcome! Remember – 26 May 2012, from 12:00noon to 5.00PM. One day only! Did I mention our children will be singing Dikir Barat at 1:00PM?

Please help to share the word around too!

Parenting Talk: Importance of Primitive Reflex Integration for Effective Learning

Who and why do we have Primitive Reflexes? What are the impact on a child’s learning ability if they are unintegrated? Find out more about Grasp Reflex, Tonic Neck Reflex, Step Reflex and Crawl Reflex and Reason why these early and primitive reflexes may not fully integrate in us or in your child.


We will discuss about the general observations that may indicate the presence of unintegrated reflexes, and recommended general management strategies when dealing with unintegrated reflexes and movement based learning e.g. Rhythmic Movement Training and Brain Gym ®.

There will be ample Q&A time.

Who will benefit?

Grandparents, parents, care givers, day care teachers and anyone who is interested to care for children especially those with special needs.


Ms. May Chuah
Licensed Rhythmic Movement Training Provider
BA in Early Childhood Studies, ECU Australia.
Advanced Dip in Early Childhood Education, CECE.

Ms. Phoebe Long
Licensed Rhythmic Movement Training Provider
Licensed Brain Gym ® Instructor / Consultant
Licensed Double Doodle Play Instructor
Licensed Touch for Health ™ Instructor

Ms. Premalatha Shanmugam
Licensed Rhythmic Movement Training Provider
Dip. Learning Disability and Child Psychology, Linguistic Council
Dip. Of Educational Studies, College of Teachers, UK

Admin Details

Date : 19 May 2012
Time : 10am to 12pm
Fees : RM20 each / Family Package : RM30
Language : English
Venue : Breakthru Enrichment Station
70-2, Block H, Platinum Walk, Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : Elaine Lim, 03-28587977

Please call to register and reserve a seat. This would help us in managing the space and location for our talk.

2012 Special Needs Children Family Camp 第三届特殊孩童親子營!

Special Needs Children Family Camp is back! We will be visiting the highly praised Refreshing Springs Resort again this year. Registration is open now, so email to get your registration form.

You may also help to spread the word at your work place / church to encourage participation of:

1) Family with special need children to participate to receive support and encouragement

2) Volunteer Counsellor to accompany the special need children and siblings. Volunteer Counsellors are required to attend a training from 28-30 May for this event.

3) Kind hearted donors to sponsor and donate for the camp expenses.

Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《武自珍-台湾东海大学副教授》

你听过一个新名词 “直升机父母”吗?这是什么意思?是称赞21世纪的父母效率高超吗?“直升机父母”是说,今天的父母时时刻刻在孩子的上空盘旋,一看到孩子碰到难题,还在设法找答案的时候,父母就“紧急降落”,出手把困难解决了。




作父母的忧心孩子 “学得不够”,但是研究发现:最大的危机是——知识不等于智慧。

Read more “Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《武自珍-台湾东海大学副教授》”

[Public Talk] Modern Family Challenges – 如何建立温暖的家《讲座会》

Modern Super Parents “manages” their child’s future and up-bringing as professional as a career. This creates super high expectation on themselves, and also on their child… Welcome to this special evening talk by Asst Professor Jane Wu from Taiwan.