ACE Students Movie-Out day: The Avengers

We watched the Avengers movie, a great movie to watch with friends! Witty and heroic, it also gives us a chance to learn about ego and team work too.

We brought a group of our bigger children for The Avengers and came back so excited and keep talking about the show! They had a great bonding time with one another. After coming back from the movie, all are pretty motivated to do work as a team and stayed back to clean up our centre without being told.

In an effort to motivate our children and foster friendship, we planned for a movie out day for our kids. However they have to earn their right to go by displaying diligence in their studies, and good behaviours. The Avengers came by at the right time our children chose it as their deadline to work towards and earn enough points to go.

This day was great, even we adults who brought them enjoyed the trip and spent quality time connecting with our children! We look forward in planning our next special treat outing next month. Bowling seems like a good idea.

Let’s go to the Zoo, there’s lots of things to do

Visiting the Zoo with friends is different!
We went to the National Zoo!

In order to catch the Multi Animal Show (at Amphitheatre), we have to arrive at the Zoo by 10AM. So we made sure we arrive in time.

A stroll in the er.. Zoo! The weather is just perfect.
The weather was perfect, and the stroll in the park was easy and fun. Parents even provided us with their strollers to aid the walk.

Taking time to appreciate at the animals.
The animals were very kind and all come out to welcome us.

A TIGER came
We met with a hungry tiger, he was walking around to seek for food. That reminded us about our snacks too!

Snack in the park, each eat a part, we'll not be apart.
So along the way, we had a snack break. Lets share  一人一半,感情不散。

So good to see our bigger children showing brotherly love to the younger ones.

Catch me if you can!
“I am running. Catch me if you can!” says a little one, while running towards the Amphitheatre.

Seal Show.
Continuing the journey, we arrived just in time for the Multi Animal Show at the Amphitheatre.
You should not miss it if you visit the Zoo. It is worth watching.

Wa.. Oh.. Ooo.. Mmm.. Ah.. Really?
.. and the seals’ performances were just jaws dropping AMAZING! (Photo above as proof)

Who can tell me what animal is this?
A special guest appearance in very close distance. Anyone knows what animal is this?

I am always by your side.
Next destination, the Aquarium. We see brotherly care again here.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium
We arrived at The Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium.

Thinking of sushi? This is not the type we eat.
And these eels are truly an eye opener. Did they use this for sushi?

We had a great time in the National Zoo indeed.
We had a great and enjoyable trip!

Our stroller gang taking a R&R.
After a day of travel, our stroller gang had some R&R

For the hilly part we took the tramp. What a breeze!
.. and yes, we did take the tramp to reach the hilly and deeper part of the Zoo where the rhino is. We learnt many more animals along the way. The tramp is a must-ride too.

We are visiting Logos Hope!

We will be visiting the world largest “Floating Bookfair” MV Logos Hope next Tuesday (4th Oct 2011)! Every children are excited about it. We plan to go in a bus there and join them for a cultural show and check out their books on board.

Logos Hope will berth at the Port Klang Cruise Centre, Pulau Indah (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port), on its maiden voyage around the world.

The fair will be opened to the public from 10am to 10pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 3pm to 10pm on Sundays. It will be closed on Monday. Tickets only cost RM1 and admission is free for children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.

How about you? Will you bring your child for a healthy family trip?

MV Logos Hope is currently at Penang port until 26 Sept. Check out their real-time webcams:

LogosHope cam03