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Our cut fruits continue to receive overwhelming response!  Within a very short time, all were sold!

We spent about an hour in our preparation but all it took was a split second to sell off.
Since the 1st project, fruits that have received good response were guava, dragonfruit, pears, papaya and melon.
We had another round of discussion to assess our sales and services. It was a good discussion as a few concerns were highlighted by the sales team.
1. Iris voiced her concern about doing her sales alone.  She gets confused with calculation and feels she needs someone with her. In fact, she was short of RM1.  Therefore teacher Ang Nei and Mrs Chan agreed that Iris will help with the preparation and recording the accounts for now.
2.  Jonathan feels he can do his sales alone. However Teacher Ang Nei suggested that he could have Nicholas to help him carry the basket.  Together they went on with their business.  Jonathan was an all rounder from preparation to sales today !  Wow! You are a champion Jonathan !
3.   During preparation,  Jonathan did his very best at cutting the fruits but he still need practice although his performance was better today.
Our  kind volunteer helper, Ching Kang was a great help .  Iris arrived late for the preparation and Yung Han was absent today.
We thank you Ching Kang for your help, we also  hope one day you will join us, to assist us with the preparation.
4.  Teacher Ang Nei suggested making jelly for our next sales. Wow!  Additional item to our Corner!  Ching Kang suggested fruits jelly as fruity goodness is our theme.
The conclusion was to make jelly at home as a start.  Yi Hern’s mom, Mrs Chan volunteered. We will include the jelly in our September sales.
5.   Profit gain from sales
Since our 1st sales till to date, we gain a minimal amount of profit from our sales.  Teacher Ang Nei decided to distributed some shares to the four shareholders;
Jonathan,  Yung Han,  Iris and Yi Hern today.
Each one received  RM15.00 !
We received our shares cheerfully. We were greatly encouraged and also understand the costs and profits of an entrepreneurship. We have to work hard and also be creative in thinking about new things in order to increase and improve our sales.
BREEZY  is the best of the best !
Chan Ýi Hern
Breezy Corner team

Feeding Our Hearts and Our Soul

Each and every one of us have strengths and weaknesses. Whether in society we are deemed as “normal” or having “special needs”, we each have to face the world one day and come into our own independently. We understand that when these children have certain special needs, they don’t necessarily function the same or as fast as everyone else. However, we are adamant that every child has the capabilities to be self-sufficient and independent with the right training and tools given. We want to fully equip these children with the right network in order for them find their strengths and harness it. We believe that cooking and kitchen skills are an essential part of helping them grow and come to be independent in the long run.


Every day, our kitchen prepares lunch for all the students and teachers in the centre and the kids are given a chance to help out in a surrounding that they might not be allowed into otherwise. From the cleaning of the floors and tables to the preparation of the food, each child is given a different role each day to find what they are able to do and what they are comfortable doing. Children with excellent motor skills are able to sit there preparing and cutting the vegetables and fruits while children with less of an attention span seem to enjoy cleaning up duties more. There are others still that actually enjoy the cooking experience and thus are able to help with the actual cooking and seasoning of the meals prepared.

20160113_103204 20160122_112755 20160119_120455

We have seen how kitchen time under proper supervision have helped enlighten these children to grow and come into their own. Just a year ago, some of these kids weren’t even able to wear the sanitary gloves before food preparation on their own. They were not able to understand certain responses in certain situations and would only do what they are told when they are told to do it. Fast forward to a year later and now they are slowly learning the appropriate responses in different situations and are made more aware of their surroundings. Kitchen time plays an integral role in this as it allows them to focus in a very “normal” surrounding and makes them tap into their innate nature of being a part of something bigger and holding responsibilities other than floor time or doodle-play with their friends.


An inspiring success story is one of our graduates, Elaine who is now creating beautiful wedding cakes and is interning at a top bakery to further refine her skills! When Elaine first started coming to BEST in 2012, she would not bother with anything, had no attention span and was upset with life. She was frustrated with her homework, often tearing up her textbooks and had major behavioural issues. We noticed however, that she was comfortable being in the kitchen. Through gradual learning at our F&B Station special coaching, she started helping out more during kitchen time in day to day preparations and found that she had a talent for baking. Today, she has successfully enrolled and completed her Executive Diploma in Baking and Confectionary. This just goes to show that sometimes all these children need is a slight nudge in the right direction as well as given opportunities to further enhance them.

2014 AwardIMG_1836

We want these children to be a part of society, to be accepted and to prove to the world and to themselves that just because they are technically known as “special needs” does not mean they are unable to function in the world. They just need to be given a chance to do so and to be accepted that they too are a part of your world. We have heard many of our young adults’ parents expressing their sorrow or regret at not giving their special needs child more opportunities and experiences in life when they were younger. Now, as a young adult, many of these children are unable to function properly at day to day tasks. This further enhances our belief that hands on experiences and opportunities are needed to help them grow.

If there are any entrepreneurs in the F&B industry, home bakers or personal chefs reading this article, we would love for you to give our kids a chance in life. From cookie making, to food prep, to meal cooking down to clean up, these children are equipped to help you out given the right chance. We will be organizing a one day only BEST Café on the 14thof May 2016 from 10 am to 3 pm to raise funds to better equip our F&B Kitchen and to teach them entrepreneurship skills. Come on along to see how these children have learned to cook and to serve you personally. If you would like to know more about the event or how you can support these children in their dream of one day being successful and independent by giving them a chance at helping and integrating back into society, please contact BEST at +603 4149 7977 or send us an email at, or better still, buy our coupon online by clicking below:


Cooking Competition at BEST

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I say, that’s the way to anyone’s heart! Cooking is an art form, a relevant skill and a necessity in life. Here at BEST, we try to equip our students with cooking skills and to harness their creativity as well as give them the tools to be independent in life.


To further enhance their interest in cooking, we had a cooking competition today at the centre! Students were involved with the preparation process from beginning to end, starting with preparing the work stations right up to cleaning it up when it ended. Parents were present to help judge the competition and to give moral support to their children. It was obvious that the kids were happy and even more active than usual with their parents present.


The competition began with delegating the different jobs to different people. Older students began assembling the relevant tools and ingredients needed to bring it from the kitchen to the respective work stations. Once everything was assembled, the competition began! There was such an infectious buzz of excitement amongst the participants as well as the spectators but noise quickly died down the moment the competition began!

The first category had three competitors. The competitors were asked to cut up fruits and assemble them on a plate and they were judged based on their cutting skills and creativity in plating. It was such a thrill to see how fast and skillful the competitors were able to handle the knives and cut up the fruits so well! Their creativity really shined through as each and every competitor had a different flair in plating the fruits.

The second category were for the foundation basic students at BEST. These were the younger children and they were being tested on their comprehension and hand eye coordination skills. Participants were asked to assemble fruits on a stick following a sequence based on the first example given. The winner was judged based on proper completion of the task and how well they followed the sequence. It was such a cute sight watching these young children try their best to follow the sequence with minimal help. Most of the time, it ended with them being more interested in eating the fruits instead! It has been noted that an eating competition definitely needs to happen soon! The children seem to enjoy it BEST!



The third category was to judge competitors on their cutting skills again as well as their assembling skills. Competitors were asked to make a pizza using cheese, mushrooms, tuna, tomato sauce and a burger bun. These were for the foundation advanced students and you could see full concentration on each of their faces as they worked hard to quickly cut up the mushrooms and cheese into bite sized pieces and assemble it as quickly as possible. It was very apparent during this category that when these children are given a task they’re interested in doing, they had full concentration on it and were very focused in doing the best job possible.


The final competition was the one everyone had been waiting for: The Sushi Making Competition! The older students were participants in these and we had two groups of four in this competition, Team A and Team B. Teams were awarded marks based on their teamwork, creativity, design/plating and taste. The students showcased excellent teamwork skills as everyone participated equally and when a student had difficulty in their task, their teammate would take over and help them out with it. Team B showcased excellent organizational skills. The minute the competition began, they each knew their roles and waited for their turns in cutting, assembling, wrapping and plating the sushi rolls. They also tried rolling it in different ways. In the end though, there could only be one winner and Team A was the winner for this competition! Their sushi was delicious with the addition of tuna and it was rolled and presented in a neat manner.  Team A was obviously ecstatic at this and there were loud cheers for everyone when it ended.


This competition brought out a lot of joy in both the parents and the children. Parents were able to see their kids grow and flourish here and the kids really enjoyed just spending a few hours in the morning with their parents. They shared that they all felt accomplished and independent during the competition, something that will be remembering for a long time to come! It was also a great way for the parents to see how their children’s life skills are brought out here at BEST. All in all, it was a successful competition indeed.

BEST Cafe on 16 May 2015! Come and show your support.


Entrepreneurship Project for Special Needs Children 2015

Date: 16 May 2015 Time: 10am to 3pm Venue: Breakthru Enrichment Station, Setapak

Since 2010, we had successfully organized 3 entrepreneurship projects for special needs children. We raised  fund and trained these children to prepare food and beverage to sell.
We are excited to do this Entrepreneurship Project again this year!

Read more “BEST Cafe on 16 May 2015! Come and show your support.”

BEST Cafe 2015 Returns!

BEST Café 飞跃餐厅 Color Really Final 2015

Great food, great family time. This year our BEST Café (for 1 day only) brings you Saute Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti, directly from our kitchen. This dish is designed by our master chef Pn Ngiam, and our children are trained to prepare and serve it to you, totally original and wonderfully made.

Please call us now to get your coupons at 03-2858 7977. There are games and movie preview too in our newly renovated Music Room!

BEST Café is coming again on 17 May 2014! Mark your date and get your coupons now~

The Third BEST Café is coming again! BEST Cafe will be held on 17 May 2014 from 10am to 3pm. Come and join us!! 万众期待的飞跃餐厅再次卷土重来啦!日期定于2014年5月17日。时间是早上10时至下午3时。

We are transforming our BEST Centre into a Cafe for a day and will be serving delicious foods designed by our master chef, Ms. Ngiam & her team of children. Our children are all eager to serve you! 我们会在一天里把飞跃中心设计成一个餐厅,所有的食物将由本中心的主厨—-严老师与孩子一手包办,而孩子们也将成为招待员服务客人。

More importantly, this is their (the children’s) entrepreneurship and fund raising project. They are raising fund to expand and further equip the kitchen they use to prepare even delicious food and to be a professional in the future. 更重要的是, 这也是一个筹募活动,是为了能购买更好的器具及扩展他们的厨房,好让他们可以学习专业的厨艺,有一技之长,发展孩童们的企业本能

We sincerely invite all parents and siblings to participate as volunteers in supporting your child to carry out his/her duty and to make this event a greater success. Call us now if you want to volunteer. 我们与孩子们诚心地邀请您来参与及支持,看看孩子们专业的服务能力。我们也请您呼朋唤友来参与其盛!

Ms. Ngiam Chicken Chop Special.. Only at BEST Centre!

Chicken Chop Set comes also with mushroom soup and a mini fruit tart too.



Waffle Ice-Cream~ melt in your mouth


Full of chocolate goodness, chocolate muffins~


Premium Garlic Bread! 上佳品值的大蒜面包片


Osaka Cup Cake.. soft and fluffy~


Crunchy Cookies – Using best ingredients in the market~ You sure like it!



We need your support, please get a few coupons from us! 请多多支持购买固本!

Chinese New Year Cookies for Sale! 1st Entreprenuership Project by BEST Children

cookies tray and making

Breakthru Enrichment Station children who have different learning abilities will kick off their 1st Enterprenuership Project in January 2014 in conjuction with the Chinese New Year celebration (and our newly renovated kitchen!). This is made possible by the Legacy 9 for their generous contributrion of two big ovens. Thank you Legacy 9 for making a difference in our children lives. You may place order for the cookies by downloading the below order form, and email back to us your order.

>> Cookies Order form << click the order form to download

We receive order starting now until 20 Jan 2014. We urge you to order sooner in order to avoid disappointment, as the childrens’ “production capacity” is limited!


BEST Café coming to you! A complete Café experience at BESTCentre.

This coming 7 Sept 2013, we are transforming BEST Centre into a real Café, just for a day to serve all of you. Our children team are all eager to serve you, so come with friends and relatives to support our great event of food and fun day.


To Fathers with Love– Fondant Marble Cake

We made some great looking and tasty cake for our fathers.

[nggallery id=15]

Preparing the box. Everyone gets to cut the ‘Teddy (Daddy) and me with love’ picture and write on the box with our own creativity.

[nggallery id=16]

We crack the egg, mix the flour then bake the marble cake.

[nggallery id=17]

We use fondant to make the tie, shirt and flowers personally (some of us required guidance). Decorating our hearts out.

[nggallery id=18]

This is for you, daddy. Happy Fathers day! I love you!


To Mothers with Love – Marmalade Jam (with recipe)

5 big oranges + 2 lemons = 1kg
(can also replace with lime)
1 kg sugar
2 liters water
Preparation Time:
3 hours

How to make Marmalade Jam

  1. To prepare the orange and lemon rind – slice the oranges & lemons skin (leave the inner white skin) with a knife and cut to slices.
  2. Peel the Inner white skin of oranges and lemon, then remove the pit and seeds of oranges.
  3. Cut a small amount of outer skin of oranges and lemon into small pieces.
  4. Put No.2 & 3 into a high-speed blender (alternatively can put them in a white bag).
  5. Blend the skinned oranges and lemons.
  6. Add the blended orange & lemon juices with water and boll for approximate 1 hour, until the water reduce to half.
  7. Turn off the fire, add sugar
  8. Light and lower the fire again. Boll the contents for another 1/2 to 1 hour with the lid uncover. Remember to stir the contents on and off to prevent the bottom get burnt.
  9. Test whether the jam is set – place 1 teaspoon of jam on a chilled clean plate (which was put in the freezer earlier). Put back into the freezer for a few minutes and take it out again. Push the jam with a finger and it should wrinkle if the jam is set.
  10. Once the jam is ready (which is still hot), immediately scope it into some sterilised bottle and leave to set.
  11. Leave the jam to cool completely before cover with the lid. The jam is ready to be served.

Bottles Preparation

Sterilise 6 medium sized bottles In the oven at low temp for about 1/2 hour or boil the bottle and inverted it to drip dry. We choose small size bottles therefore we need to prepare more bottles.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers!