Educational Kinesiology Symposium 2014 (28 March) 肌动学与特殊孩童学能发展研讨会

A Focus on Developmental Strategies for People With Special Needs.

Breakthru Enrichment Station organized the first Educational Kinesiology Symposium in Malaysia, with the objective of bringing awareness of various educational strategies, methods, tools and testimonies in assisting special needs people/children’s development and growth.


This is a one day event, and there were a total of 12 speakers from local and overseas presented their efforts and knowledge in this event. We would like to show our greatest appreciation to these speakers, MC and translators in supporting this event (yup it’s an English/Mandarin event)!

Registration begins at 8.00am, thank you everyone for arriving early. Elaine and her team did a great job in registering and giving away welcome notes to participants.


Some of the book that are on sale. If you wish to buy them, please email us for a book list.


The children from Breakthru Enrichment Station volunteered to perform a lively dance to welcome our guest. Some of these children have special needs but they all enjoy the performance. The dance that they presented was “Mocha – by the Minions of Despicable Me 2”.


Our MC for the day, Ms Prema (in English) and Ms Liew (in Mandarin). This is a bi-lingual event.


In our welcoming speech, Ms Phoebe (right), and her translator Ms Wan Ching. She highlighted the importance of Active Parenting in supporting their special needs children’s development and what Educational Kinesiology can help them to be more pro-active in such role.


Our key-note speaker, Ms Moira Dempsey (right), is from Australia, and her translator Ms Phoebe (in Mandarin). It was an important lesson to learn about challenges a child face in his/her development.



Our special adress speaker Ms Ngiam Lian Ai (right), and her translator (in Mandarin). She stressed in the importance of putting the right focus on skill appropriate training (including fine-motor development through edu-kinesiology and movement based learning) instead of over emphasis on academic development, and shared some of her success stories. The refreshments for this event are all prepared by the special needs children trained from Breakthru Enrichment Station.


Ms Prema introduces Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) and their various movements to integrate the many reflexes we had in our body.


Mr Victor Wong of Hong Kong explains about ADHD and how he deal with his clients with such challenge.


Ms Candy of Hong Kong (lady holding the batik souvenir, presented by Cassandra in red) shows us how to do Double Doodle (an Edu-K Movement) with music. Children and adults enjoyed doing their double doodle activities, and were most impressed with the fun it brings too!


Mr Dennis Ho (right) and his team (Mr Dennis & Ms Candy) did a great job demonstrating the Meridian Dance, and everyone just loves doing the dance! It is an easy and fun way to remember the primary meridian movements used in Touch for Health™. Lets have the music!


Ms Cynthia Teo of Singapore (right) shared the usefulness of Essential Oils in helping ourselves and our children. These clinical grade essential oils are greatly effective and we use it widely in our centre to help our children (and trainers too!). Email us ( for your purchasing needs, or to learn more about these oils you may visit Young Living website.

Lunch is served!

Ms Siew Lee explains about how do we observe our brain waves using tools from NeuroSky® for the purpose of knowing and training our state of mind. The headset scans your brain wave and can show, in terms of your ability to focus or calm down, the difference before and after doing your Brain Gym® balances, especially useful when you work on your focus or centering dimension balances. Email us ( if you wish to know more.


Ms Marie Helene shared her experience with bringing up her teenage child that has special challenges. Many great advise was shared, and also how she uses Edu-K in the process. A very valuable session for many parents, as Marie is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer cum mother.

Mr Chong and Ms Sook Fern hosted the young kids parent group discussion session and shared their experience in bringing up their own special need children. Many touching stories were shared, and the importance of personal involvement (and sacrifices) in parenting cannot be stressed any lesser. But we are glad there are more methods to help us nowadays. Its up to the parents now to pick them up!


Ms Claire Ang talks about learning can be fun using Educational Kinesiology! She gain her first hand insight of this topic from her profession as an Educational Psychologist, and very much encourage everyone to try so. Her PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded here soon.

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Many thanks to all speakers and those who participated in the forum. Our forum moderator, Mr Moses Wong, led us through a one hour of Q&A and highlighted some key questions to discuss about.

Thank You and we appreciate all your feedbacks. See You Again Next Year!

Not forgetting those who worked hard in making this event a successful one, these are some of their photos, and the organizer truly appreciates their contribution and invites all participants together to say thank you to these workers!

Educational Kinesiology Symposium 2014 for Special Needs

28 March 2014, 9-5pm.

由言语治疗师, 物理治疗师, 药剂师, 儿童心理学家,有特殊孩子的家长,韵律动学导师,  触动学导师, 健脑操导师及顾问来研讨 如何有效的帮助特殊需求人士及孩童们的身心发展。(现场华语翻译)

Speakers from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia came together for a focused discussion from the perspectives of Speech Therapist Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Child Psychologist, Parents who have special needs adults, Rhythmic Movement Training International Instructor & Provider, Touch for Health® Instructor, Brain Gym® Instructor & Consultant on how to effectively support the development of people and children with special needs.

This Event has ended. You may view the event’s photos here.





This Event has ended. You may view the event’s photos here.





















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