This week we offer pomeloes and fruits jelly. One of our team, Iris had gone over to Ipoh oveŕ the weekend and bought two pomeloes to test the market !

Everyone in B.C. was involved in getting the fruits and jelly ready, from cutting, peeling to packing. Even, Aunty Mandy couldn’t resist  helping us pack the pameloes.
We enjoyed the busyness and welcomed more helpers as it created and built a better relationship between ourselves.
Surprisingly our jelly sold like hotcakes again. Making jelly was not an easy procedure. We need to select a good brànd of jelly with a reasonable price.
The making of our healthy fruity jelly is as below:
1. Wash and dry the jelly containers
2. Scoop cube fŕùìts into each container
3. Cooking jelly, follow instructions carefully.
The right amount of watèr and cooking time need to be followed otherwise the jelly will not turn out well.
4. When cooked we have to scoop into containers fast before it gets hardened.
5. Then we leave it cooled, around 30 minutes before keeping into refrigerator.
6. A few hours later, take out from refrigerator,  then gently and carefully take each fŕùìts jelly cubes with toothstick and stored them into tupperware before bringing  to Breakthru for sale.
Our small fruity jelly are small but very big on tender loving care ! Hooray ! Within a short time they were all sold !
However, the sweet pomeloes took a slightly longer time to sell off. We could not offer the fruits at a low price because the pomeloes were expensive. Maybe no more pomeloes for sale.
We thank our faithful and generous customers for helping us in our enterprise.
 Bŕeezý is growing and harvesting !
Healthy body think Breezy !
 Report by
Chan Ýi Hern

Breakthru Academy at the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

YB Dato’ Seri Rohani Abdul Karim trying her hands at the infinity board.


On 3 October 2017, Breakthru Academy had a chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of Spinal Walking on learning behaviors to YB Dato’ Seri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development during the launch of the National Counseling Month.


A few members of the Minister’s entourage also took the chance to have a feel of the spinal walking. Dato’ Seri Rohani told her members of her entourage to look into the Building Block Activities from Movement Based Learning, Inc. which could be used to support the family and community. Phoebe Long, one of Breakthru Academy directors was at hand to explain in detail every aspects of the Academy’s mission and activities.

A police counselor experiencing a spinal walk from Phoebe Long.


Throughout the day, counselors from government departments like the Police, Prison, and Academic Institutions, among others, took time to inquire into the Building Block Activities. Activities. Facilitators and Instructors from Breakthru Academy was at hand to explain and demonstrate all the Activities.  Apprentices Yung Han and Marcus very confidently demonstrated pre-activities with balls or the infinity 8 board and followed up with one of the building block activities to allow participants to understand and experience the difference.

Breakthru Academy apprentice, Marcus demonstrating a ball activity with one of the participants at the Counseling Seminar.


The experiential nature of all the kinesiology approaches used allowed the counselors to personally feel the difference of performing a task, before and after a building block activity. All noted that they were able to do better. There were also retired government personnel who were interested in learning more about the various kinesiology approaches taught in Breakthru Academy.

Breakthru Academy was invited by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat to set up a booth during the Launch of the National Counseling Month 2017.

Breezy Corner’s 8th edition of fruit sale.

Breezy Corner Stories

Fruits and jelly day!

We had 3 seĺections for today.  Frùits jelly, ģrapes and papaya.
Production went smoothly. Ching Kang very ably led and helped us from the beginning till the end. His services saved us a lot of time. Good leadership Ching Kang!
Ching Kang ( in green beanie) supervising the cutting and packing.
We aĺso had an additional helper, although very noisy, Breakthru’s apprentice cook from the kitchen, Kaeven. He was glad today as we were selling grapès whìch were his favourites.
Sales was good today too! All were sold out within a short period. However we received feedbakc from Aunty Phoebe about our prìcing. We will hold a discussion on this  matter when we meet next. We value feedbacks as they will help us to improve our quality and services.
Thanks Breezy Team for the effort and passion. Together we  can do it !
Report by
Çhàñ Yi Hern

Breezy News Again

Fruity day again !

Today we have crunchy guava and melon.
Our leader,  Ching Kang ĺed  our  production team smoothly. He and Yung Han took charge of melon while Iris and Jonathan cut the guava.
We always priced our fruits reasonably,
1.  Melon at RM1.20 per piece , while
2.  Guava at RM1.00 per piece.
Today was anòther blessed day! Fruits were sold out fast!  That brought a lot of cheer to our team because we are always dogged by the fear that we would not be able to sell all our cut fruits. Team also managed to sell some to the participants who attended the Rhythmic Movement Training International course on that day. We are pleased to have others who believe and supported us in our Enterprenuership project.
We also have sufficient fund to pay teacher Ang Nei part of the loan she gave to jumpstart our project!
After a noisy discussions we finally agreed to create a whataspp chat group, to be called Breezy Corner. Teacher Ang  Nei emphasized that it is strictly for relevant communications pertaining to the project only. Everyone agreed and noted .
Later in the evening, we were told by Aunty Lillian that she had not been approached to buy fruits since the the first day of our project. She said she enjoyed eatìng fruits after lunch!  Mom assured her that we will keep her in mind and will inform the sales team to look out for her.
Everyone was in good spirit as we achieved good sales !
By Chan Yì Hern

Breezy Corner Update

Hey ! We are back after a rather long break.

Today we have something different, FRUITS JELLY besides sweet pineapples and pears.
Hooray! Fruits jelly were sold out within a short time. Teacher Mandy bought 4 cups! Thanks for your great support. We didn’t make a lot as we were testing the market today.
Our team was down with bouts of flu and stomach problems. However, they were not so well, Iris, Jonathan and Yunģ Han kept up their good spìrits from the beginning of the production till the end.
Like the serious entrepreneurs they are, they took to their jobs and proceeded with the sale of the cut fruits and jelly. Later teacher Ang Nei and I went to the office and made some sales to Aunties Christina and Katherine.
We had a slow breezy sales today. The Jelly and pineapples were sold out except the poor juicy pear. Later, teacher Ang Nei decided to reward our team with the pears as a healthy treat.

We also had a short discussion pertaining to the purchasing of fruits for future sales. Yung Han, Jonathan and Iris felt they were not ready for the role yet. In conclusion, Mrs Chan graciously agreed to continue her role as the fruits purchaser for a little while longer. However, I hope in time to come,  they will take the initiatives to share in this responsibility as well.

Believe in Breezy and you will reach your Destiny !
Report by
Chan Yì Hern

Tete-te-Tete with Cece at Breakthru

It was a fun afternoon where Movement Based Learning (MBL) instructors and students learned about the latest developments and got their questions answered from the founder and author of MBL herself, Cecilia Koester, amidst cakes and coffee.

MBL Instructors and students taking opportunities to get their questions answered.


The tete-te-tete became a mini workshop as Cece took us through a group pre-activity, a building block activity and rounding off with a post-activity. There was a lot of laughter and a-ha moments.

Then Cece demonstrated certain refined developments or enhancements to some of the Building Block Activities (BBA). An example was the Core Activation which I experienced. Having the hand first holding the shoulder with a firm downward pressure made me fully aware of the muscles in my body and trunk and indirectly my stability, and it was as though I just switched on my system. I was able to meet the push and pull of a Core Activation with greater ease and confidence. Of course just having Cece do a demonstration on you made a whole lot of difference in your learning and appreciation of the building block activities. So people, jump at the chance of being a volunteer if there is an opportunity.

Cece also taught us a modification for Core Activation which, involves the hand holding the shoulder/hip firmly and pushing inwards in the direction of the navel. This pressure towards the navel connects the core muscles to the body’s centre of gravity and with that too, we will be more aware of the connections between our shoulders and hips for stable movements in all directions.

Bremen, a student, getting the “Cece” touch on a modification for Core Activation.


Besides re-examining, additions and fine-tuning of the 5 Building Block Activities, Cece also spoke about the career pathways and re-licensing procedures.

Cece and Phoebe answering questions during the tete-te-tete.


“This meeting is like a tutorial. I am more aware of and understand better the reasons for doing some of the BBA”, said Ivy See, an MBL instructor in training.

“Cece never fails to amaze me with her fun ways of using BBA for children and that she continues to fine-tune the methods for greater effectiveness”, added Christina Ho, an MBL instructor.


Cece explaining the fine-tuning of spinal walking and how the activity helps to establish the kinesthetic understanding of the left and right sides of the body.


“Yes, I like it that there is a personal relationship and whatever questions and concerns we have, we are able to address almost immediately”, quipped Shew Mee Lai, an MBL instructor.

At the end of the just too short two hours, we received much invaluable lessons and greater awareness on the specific movements and the reasons for the Building Block Activities. Even as Cece continues to better the techniques for greater effectiveness, likewise we the instructors and students have to continue to learn too.





More from Breezy Corner

Our cut fruits continue to receive overwhelming response!  Within a very short time, all were sold!

We spent about an hour in our preparation but all it took was a split second to sell off.
Since the 1st project, fruits that have received good response were guava, dragonfruit, pears, papaya and melon.
We had another round of discussion to assess our sales and services. It was a good discussion as a few concerns were highlighted by the sales team.
1. Iris voiced her concern about doing her sales alone.  She gets confused with calculation and feels she needs someone with her. In fact, she was short of RM1.  Therefore teacher Ang Nei and Mrs Chan agreed that Iris will help with the preparation and recording the accounts for now.
2.  Jonathan feels he can do his sales alone. However Teacher Ang Nei suggested that he could have Nicholas to help him carry the basket.  Together they went on with their business.  Jonathan was an all rounder from preparation to sales today !  Wow! You are a champion Jonathan !
3.   During preparation,  Jonathan did his very best at cutting the fruits but he still need practice although his performance was better today.
Our  kind volunteer helper, Ching Kang was a great help .  Iris arrived late for the preparation and Yung Han was absent today.
We thank you Ching Kang for your help, we also  hope one day you will join us, to assist us with the preparation.
4.  Teacher Ang Nei suggested making jelly for our next sales. Wow!  Additional item to our Corner!  Ching Kang suggested fruits jelly as fruity goodness is our theme.
The conclusion was to make jelly at home as a start.  Yi Hern’s mom, Mrs Chan volunteered. We will include the jelly in our September sales.
5.   Profit gain from sales
Since our 1st sales till to date, we gain a minimal amount of profit from our sales.  Teacher Ang Nei decided to distributed some shares to the four shareholders;
Jonathan,  Yung Han,  Iris and Yi Hern today.
Each one received  RM15.00 !
We received our shares cheerfully. We were greatly encouraged and also understand the costs and profits of an entrepreneurship. We have to work hard and also be creative in thinking about new things in order to increase and improve our sales.
BREEZY  is the best of the best !
Chan Ýi Hern
Breezy Corner team


Yahoo! We are at our third fruit sale. During preparation, we were surprised and happy with additional help from Chin Kang. We also discovered that he is very good at peeling and cutting fruits. He also taught Yung Han the finer art of slicing and cutting fruits. Our preparation for the day moved easily and smoothly. Wow!

The fruits for the day were guavas and rambutans. We hope to offer more variety of fruits.
By 12.30 pm, our pair of sales team, Jonathan and Iris had gone round to sell the fruits.
Today, we gathered some feedback and requests from our customers concerning the fruits and our service. Our sales team received requests for papaya, apples and oranges. Later, we had a round table discussions with teacher Ang Nei and my mother about the requests for other fruits. One particular request was to provide an “asam” seasoning for the fruits but the team agreed that we would rather sell the fruits in their original forms. Why add something alien to something so fresh and nice. Teacher Ang Nei discussed ways of answering questions posed by our customers.
We did not sell all our fruits but later Aunty Phoebe bought up the remaining fruits making our fruits a sold out hit again.
We would like to thank everyone for their good support and motivation.
Breezy Fruits are the best , forget the rest  !!
Prepared by
Chan Yi Hern

BREEZY CORNER – a student initiated enterprise

Breezy Corner took off on 31 July 2017. It had developed from a writing class presentation project where our teacher wanted us to think of something of value which we could add to Breakthru. We brainstormed various ideas, did a quick mini survey and agreed that something of value for the staff and student would be a fruit corner. Iris was tasked with designing the powerpoint with me as the writer of content and Yung Han together with Jonathan would speak during the presentation. Everything went well and the management supported our idea of having a fruit corner.

Our fruits of the day were crunchy guava and sweet juicy dragonfruits. All four of us took turns washing, peeling and cutting the fruits before neatly packing the fruits up for sale. To ensure freshness of the fruits, we included ice-cubes in the storing containers. Actually we had a few hiccups but managed to release our fruits on time.

Jonathan, Yung Han and Iris cheerfully took the fruits to the customers. Our fruits were all well received and sold out within the lunch hour! Hooray!

It was a good response for an initial start. Teachers, apprentices, parents and students enjoyed the fresh fruits and we had comments and suggestions to better our service and products.
It was an exciting experience for all of us. We were actually starting an enterprise and learning to make decisions and making some money. We are thankful to the teachers and management for their guidance and support. Also, I must thank my mother, for being with me and my fellow entrepreneurs in this project.
Our team will continue to improve on our services but as to our fruits, we serve the best.
Written by Chan Yi Hern for the BREEZY CORNER team.
The team is made up of :
Apprentices :
Yung Han, Jonathon, Iris and Yi Hern
Teacher :
Ang Nei
Assisted by:
Mŕs Chan
By invitation-


BEST Café 2017 shop items sales and more!

This year’s 6th installation of Breakthru’s Best Café will be held on Saturday, 20th May 2017. Breakthru Enrichment Station (BEST) is easy to find. It is located on the second floor of Platinum Walk, a business enclave right beside Setapak Central. On that day, it will be hard to miss, just follow the music and the chatter of children and guests. Best Café is an entrepreneurship project by BEST children with special needs, aiming to raise funds to better equip the centre’s Kitchen. Another core objective of the initiative is to provide interactive learning opportunities for the children and teenagers with special needs or specific learning disorders. They will get to practise life skills like asking questions, inviting and leading people, taking orders and serving their customers. This exercise of supported active participation will help to build their confidence and develop better sense of self-esteem when they can carry out their tasks responsibly and independently. Last but not least, it also allows the children to have a glimpse of a working life.

What to expect:

Be prepared for a day chockful of food, activities, fun, games and parenting talks! You will be spoilt for choice as there is a wide variety of food, snacks and beverages prepared by our BEST children. To top it all, you will be treated as very important guests and experience the services of an excellent, extraordinary and enthusiastic team of waiters and waitresses who are just raring to make it your most enjoyable day!

Below are some of the tantalizing items that will be on the menu:

Chicken Pie

Homemade Cookies

Grilled Salmon


Pumpkin Soup

Strawberry Panna Cotta


Once you have had your fill, you may want to enjoy a game or two. Both parent and child are welcome to participate. Be prepared to have your dexterity, fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination put to the test!  Among the games that we have prepared are a Hole-In-One (try to get the ball into the one of the 3 holes) and Flying Rings (throw the rings and aim it at the bottle).

There will also be a flea market for those looking for a good bargain. Brand new trendy handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories, and little trinkets will be among the many items that will be up for grabs. Here is a little sneak peek of the items that will be on sale.


And parents, we haven’t forgotten about you! There will be mini parenting talks throughout the day while your children enjoy themselves with the food, fun and games galore. Below is an itinerary of the talks to be held on the day.

Coupons are available for purchase online ( and on the day of the event. You may use the coupons to purchase food, beverages, and snacks; to participate in the games and,  to buy items at the flea market. Please feel free to contact us at 03- 4149 7977 for any additional inquiries or to make a contribution. Any and all forms of contributions are welcomed.  Proceeds of the event will go into upgrading the kitchen to increase training opportunities for the children and teenagers at the center.



Breakthru Enrichment Station

70-2, 2nd Floor, Block H,

Platinum Walk,

Taman Danau Kota, Setapak,

53300, Kuala Lumpur

Day and Date: Saturday, 20 May 201

Time: 10am to 3pm