Appointment for Assessment

多段步骤 This is a multi-part process

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Please complete the visitor form. We appreciate your information and it will help us to improve.

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Part 1 线上基础问卷
Fundamental Survey

Survey 1 asks fundamental questions on your child’s development and early experience.

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Take Fundamental Survey 1

Part 2 线上原始反射问卷
Reflex Survey

Continue with Survey part 2 to determine the extend of reflex affected your child’s sensory, motor and emotion.

Please complete Visitor Form using same email before continue to Part 2.
Continue Survey Part 2

Part 3 线上感官问卷
Sensory Survey

Take the final part of Survey on your child’s reading and writing abilities. If your child is younger than 4 years old you may skip this part.

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Continue Survey Part 3 for Reading and Writing

Booking A Meeting

Make your appointment online. An email will be sent to you as a reminder. Our Admin will make arrangement for the meeting and reply to your booking via email.
Basic information like your contacts and child’s age, gender and school is required for making an appointment.

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Book A Date and Time

Check Your Email for Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email from our office. Please come on the date indicated in the email. It may be different from what you selected earlier.
Please give us 24 hours to response (except Friday)
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Attend Assessment

Come on your booking date. Our Assessor will meet you and do an assessment on your child.


Your child’s selection of program will depends on the result of our assessment.
Bring Your Child for Appointment

Parents Orientation

Once your child begins with our program, you should join our valuable Parents Coaching Class to learn the principles and essential skills to help your child in addition to our therapeutic activities in centre.
Attend Parents Coaching Class





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    If you can’t find an appointment date, give us a call at +603-4149 7977 or e-mail us at bestcentre@hotmail.com and indicate your preferred date and time.