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Telematch Day

18 Apr 2018
8:30am - 1:00pm

Family and children games!
Parents are encouraged
to participate.
Please wear the same
color code dress with
your child.

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7 July 2018
10:00am - 3:00pm

This year we expand our
BEST Cafe into a Carnival!
Come and have family fun
with lots of food and games.
Another entrepreuneurship
project for our children

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Talent Time &
Awards Day

27 Oct 2018
9:00am - 1:00pm

A time to recognize your child's achievements
A time to let them shine
A time for family celebration
The time to be proud and be moved.

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Special Education Needs

Breakthru Enrichment Station

Theraputic Support Centre for Children and Teenagers Who Learns Differently

Move . Play . Learn

Playground Final

Since January 2010, Breakthru Enrichment Station provides special education needs support through plenty of experiential play, interaction and relationship with our children of various ages. Our programs and goals are carefully set for these children who encounter learning difficulty or behavioural problems ranging from integration sensory problem, ADHD, Autistic, Down syndrome, Dyspraxia to Dyslexia.

With the setting up of Breakthru Academy in 2014 by the same group of enthusiastic founders, we are now also on a mission to develop more special needs educators in this country continuously upgrade our own facilitators with skill sets and new knowledge, at the same time, provide valuable coaching to all parents.

Schedule An Appointment With Us

Pick a time that you would like to bring your child for an assessment or registration.

The Settings

Our Organic Way to Meet the Needs of Special Education Needs Children

Applying The Principle of Safe Space for
Child Directed Learning within Boundaries

A child will need to feel safe in order to be calm and reach out to the world. Safe to make mistakes, safe to choose. Learning happens when he or she begin to recognize pattern within a provided context or boundaries.


One on One Basis - any age
Special intensive and rapid coaching on one-to-one basis. Family involvement is compulsory.
Small Group P.E.A.R.L.S learning
Personalized Education And Reinforcement Learning System Basic / Advance (age 4 - 15)
Young Adult Youth Program
Program for young adults working on eye hand coordination, independence and group interaction.
Homeschooling A.C.E.
Home schooling Support using Accelerated Christian Education materials (age 6 - 17)

School-like Environment

(P.E.A.R.L. and A.C.E programs)

Designed for Inclusion
Learning stations and centre operation system mimics an inclusion school to allow the child to be familiar with such environment, to practice appropriate behavior for a smoother transition to join a private or public school in future. Children of all abilities including dyslexic, high functioning, down and autistic learns together in a multi-curriculum learning environment while working on his or her personal goals.

Work-like Environment

(Apprentice and Entrepreneurship Programs)

Designed for Employ-ability
Our apprentice program provides the child an environment to learn the right knowledge, skills and attitude to be a relevant and responsible worker. A child learns how to work alongside facilitators and actual company workers as their mentors in a real working environment. Collaborating with organization that provide job opportunities, our child have the opportunity to work outside of the centre in addition to opportunities within the centre


Participating in Kitchen Cooking

Lunch Preparation and Good Food

Everyday a different meal, children gets to participate in lunch preparation, however quality and nutrition are always our top priority. They bake cookies too.

Facilitator Continuous Development

Growing together with our children

All our facilitators attends internationally certified training on kinesiology and in house coaching of classroom management regularly.

Weekly Outing Routine

Importance of Play in Nature

Weekly outing to places of nature for a true playing experience. Sometimes experiential learning includes culture appreciation and festive celebration.

Extensive Educational Kinesiology Application

Getting Them Ready for Learning

With Movement Based Learning, Rhythmic Movement Training and Brain Gym techniques, children experience greater stability and connection for learning. All children works through a series of Kinesiology activity to get ready for learning.

Confidence Building Events

Events to Make Learning Relevant

Annual Talent Time and Awards Day, Sports Day, Story Time, Carnival and Stay Out Camp allows the child to shine and improvements recognized.

Uses Essential Oil

Avoiding Synthetic Medication

In the effort to stay organic and avoid synthetic medications, we uses essential oil for all our child’s sterilizing needs and pain reliefs.

Talent Discovery Programs

On Demand Extra Class

Afternoon Programs by professionals to explore talents like Drama, Singing, Money Matters, Drum Circle, Tap Dancing, Leadership and Money matters.

Job Networking

Inclusion or Entrepreneurs in mind

We constantly seek and develop sustainable skills for your child in addition to functional goals set in IEP. Preparing for inclusion or even to assist parents in setting up a business for them.


for age 15 and above. Training to be a functional worker with knowledge and experience impartment.
Vocational Skill Training
Equiping the child with job-securing skills such as baking, cooking, drama or home fix. (above 12)
Parents Coaching Program
Learn the 3 P.L.A.Y. techniques to help your child the less stressful way. Understanding the developmental of your child from the kinesiology perspective.
Entrepreneurship Projects
Entrepreneurship projects to allow high functioning children to experience running a business of their own, and to collaborate with parents to make it happen.

The Aim

Improve Future Quality of Life

By developing your child's (I-C-I)
Independence - Confidence - Interaction

Ultimately, we want our child to have a better quality of life, improving and even breakthrough from his or her current challenges! Our aim is to achieve independence, confidence and interaction, goal by goal, hand in hand.

These are the goals that we would like to work with you for your child:


Independence 1024

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Self-help Skills

Reflex Integration

Hygiene and Cleaning


Confidence 1024

Cognitive and Understanding


Public Performance

Experiential Application

Sense of Completion


Interaction 1024

Social Skills

Speak Timely

Listening Skills

Self Expression

Anger Control

Education Philosophy

Every Child Is A P.E.A.R.L.
Every Child is An A.C.E.

P.E.A.R.L.S (Personalized Education And Reinforcement Learning Structure) is an improvised IEP program. Students will progress from Basic to Advance and to  A.C.E. (Accelerated Curriculum Education) level as their ability develops over time. A child may start at any of these levels upon assessment on their current abilities.

Curriculum are based on his or her ability, not by age.

Eric Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development


(Click on the photos for to read the story)

What Makes The Difference

The 3.P.L.A.Y. Approach

A Stress-less, Drawing-Out
Approach for Learning Management

Uniquely formulated by our founder Phoebe as the primary approach our facilitators use while working with children. Its the soft skills and techniques to ensures a well managed and effective learning session with the child.

It Is Applicable at Any Time and
for All Events in Breakthru Enrichment Station

All our facilitators are trained with using 3 P.L.A.Y.

“When we only look at behavior, we stop seeing the child and only look with an intent to judge whether we need to reward or punish, but when we look behind the behavior, we see that little struggling human, who needs our help with something.”

Rebecca Eaves


Ngiam Lian Ai, a specialist in Domestic Science teacher, was also the Assistant Principle for the school PPKI (Special Education Integration Program) has more than 30 years of teaching experience until she retires. She was the counsellor and advisor for vocational expertise, and also has been providing educational counselling, bringing awareness and training to government schools and non- profit organisations.

She has a great passionate for special needs people. Her husband, Lim Wah Heng, is a blind graduate teacher. The dedication went beyond caring for her 3 girls, Melissa, Melodi and Joy. There were many blind children that she opens her home to in order that they have proper education and a future.

Even after she retires from public service, her heart is still with the special needs children. She has pioneered at Breakthru Enrichment Station in baking and vocational curriculum to help children to develop their skills into a business. Elaine is one exceptional accolade, turning a suicidal teenager of 9 years old into a successful baking professional mentored by her at the Breakthru Enrichment Station.

Phoebe Long, a Montessori trained teacher, has many years of experience in operating Fungates® kindergartens. She has vast knowledge in handling children with learning and behavioural difficulties. She has the privilege of hands-on Paul Dennison (Founder of Brain Gym® International), Dr. Carla Hannaford (Author of Smart Moves, The Dominance Factor, etc) Cecilia Koester (Author of Interfacing Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs) and many other dedicated and passionate instructors.

She is currently an international faculty member Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym® Foundation – Breakthroughs International,  faculty member of Movement Based Learning, Inc. USA, Certified Instructor of Rhythmic Movement Training, International, Professional Kinesiologist and Registered Touch for Health instructor of International Kinesiology College.

Phoebe Long is passionate is sharing her experiences in supporting children who learn differently in Breakthru Enrichment Station and knowledge gained to anyone who desire to support special needs children and themselves more optimally and with joy. She believes in partnership with parents and care givers in creating the most conducive environment for the special needs children breakthrough.

Phoebe is a mother of two girls. Her eldest daughter has been following the integrated movements. She is 14 years old and has been conducting weekly gym workout for teenagers and adults. In addition, she was also the master of ceremony on Breakthru’s Annual Talent Time and Awards Day, contributing much in the planning of such event, and doing editing of many promotional video for centre’s awareness and marketing purposes.


“The activities improved his expressive vocabulary, reading and writing. He can now communicate with others, understand instructions, is generally more obedient and likes to participate in activities.

Chong W.M. Jin Hao's Dad


Christine Jeremy's Mom

He was calmer and a lot less angry. We noticed an amazing change in him. My daughter also noticed much improvement in her brother. For the first time, he initiated a conversation with her by saying “How to play?”

Ms Chiew Fu Yen's Mom

Our relatives were impressed by my daughter’s ability to read and spell difficult words. They noticed a lot of changes in her. This Chinese New Year, my daughter again impressed our relatives and helped in kitchen.

Joanne Cassandra's Mom